About Sam’s Food Blog

Sam of Sam’s Food Blog, trying out artisan granola in the middle of Utah during a road trip  

Sam’s Food Blog began on September 28, 2008 on Blogspot as a platform for me to critique my parents’ cooking. Looking back, this was a mean thing for me to do considering how talented they both are at cooking and how harsh I was with my criticism. My father roasts coffee for fun, and in high school I became really into craft coffee and my posts reflected this. I moved the site to WordPress and began posting primarily about all things coffee. Towards the end of high school, I branched out and began posting my opinions on politics and super hero movies. While a student at Grinnell College, the liberal arts curriculum I was exposed to resulted in a truly diverse range of posts, covering everything from philosophy to my opinions on pens and notebooks. Ever since graduating college, I have focused most of my posts on all thing culinary, with the occasional post on fonts, pens, and notebooks.




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