An Ode to Pilot G-2 .38


Here I am, in Kauai, on the beach, writing about pens. “What a waste of vacation,” you may say. While I would agree with this statement 99/100 times, I am not writing about any old pen. I am writing about the Pilot G-2 .38, which in my book is the Mona Lisa/Roger Federer of pens. Smooth, precise, bold and consistent, the Pilot G-2 .38 represents thousands of years of writing utensil evolution.

If somebody asks to borrow a pen, never give them a Pilot G-2. When pens are borrowed, rarely are they returned, and Pilot G-2 pens are too fine of a writing utensil to just give away. Coming in four sizes (1 mm, .7 mm, .5 mm and .38 mm) G-2s are all smooth and durable writers. If not misplaced or “loaned” away, a Pilot G-2 will produce results for many moons. And their timeless design lets everybody in the room know you take your pen game seriously.

While all four sizes of the G-2 series are top-shelf pens, it is the .38 that separates itself from the pack. Retaining the smoothness of its larger relatives, the .38 brings to the pad an unprecedented degree of precision. For fellas like me endowed with sloppy handwriting, this precision is essential in the same way H2O is essential for Homo Sapiens. Furthermore, unlike many fine-pointed pens, the G-2 .38 manages to write in a surprisingly bold fashion. In other words, stop messing around with that feeble Bic Round Stic. Do yourself a favor and elevate your pen game. Invest in a pack of G-2 .38s, stick one in your breast pocket, and walk around oozing with the confidence that can only come from possessing a superior writing utensil.


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