When a Notebook Retires

IMG_0011I recently bought a new notebook because my old one had to retire. His [1]
spine was breaking and pages were filling up. As I was placing my old notebook on the shelf to rest, I spotted my even older notebook. It [2]
had been out of commission since the January of 2013. I decided to look through and see what caught my eye.

  • I used to be able to do math. Like actual. And by actual math I mean basic calc. [3]
  • I wrote in fountain pen a lot. I have had bad penmanship since I’ve been in diapers. I high-school I convinced myself that writing with a fountain pen would solve my handwriting problems. My handwriting hasn’t improved at all, but over time I have developed the ability to decipher it.
  • I got really bored literary analysis once. We were picking a part theory written by Louis Althusser [4]. I ended up drawing an extraterrestrial city in my notebook with a blue pen.
  • I wrote a blurb in the notebook about another notebook. This is relevant because you are reading a post about notebooks.
  • I wrote about my dreams over winter break. I really have nothing else to say about that.
  • From a to-do list in mid-April: “Wake up.” This is puzzling because I’m pretty sure the to-do list was written after I had woke up.
  • I went through a colored pen phase after buying a case of Staedtler® triplus fineliners [5].
1. For whatever reason, my notebook adopted a masculine persona.
2. “It” is used here because after a notebook has been put to rest (set on a shelf) it ceases to have a gender like it once did.
3. Upon closer inspection, it was basic algebra I was looking at. It was just a whole bunch problems where I was attempting to solve for X. I seem to have been correct about 75% of the time.
4. From my post on 11/08/12: “Louis Althusser was a manic-depressed French-Marxist who strangled his wife to death. He was also a brilliant philosopher who argued that instead of being labeled as a science, philosophy should be viewed as “the class struggle within theory.”
5. The 0.3 mm models…in case you were wondering.








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