4-27: The Dodgers


The Dodgers played the Rockies last night. The Rockies, playing away from Denver in Los Angeles, were wearing their vest uniforms. There is only one team [1]
who can pull of the vest look, and it is not the Rockies. There are a couple of players on the players on the Rockies who can pull off the vest look. I don’t remember their names, but by wearing stirrup socks and a tight 3/4 length shirt under the vest.

Dee Gorden, who was also wearing stirrup socks in last nights game, seems to be electrifying Dodger Stadium like Yasiel Puig did last year. Gordon, in addition to stealing a league leading 12 bases is hitting .350. He collected a single and a triple last night. The highlight of his night was making a great diving stop to start a double play in the fifth inning. In full extension, Gordon dove, grabbed the ball flipping it to the shortstop without taking out of his glove. In comparison to Puig, who comes across as Flashy, Gordon is exiting. Puig often tries to make a routine play spectacular. In doing so, he makes a fair amount of blunders. Gordon, however, makes excitement simply by executing difficult plays. It also helps that he looks kinda funny in his uniform.

It is interesting that Gordon is currently one of the best hitters on the Dodgers. This is a pleasant surprise considering that he hit .234 last year. The fact that Dee Gordon is one of the better hitter on the Dodgers is also a bit concerning. More than half of the Dodger’s lineup have made at least one All-Star appearance. But most of the “big guns” on the Dodgers are not playing at their potential. This is seen with the respective .219 and .214 averages of Matt Kemp and Andre Either. This being said, however, it is way too early in the season for the Dodgers to be alarmed by this. Furthermore, the Dodgers are the type of team that are designed to start of sluggish. The Dodgers feature a wide array of playing styles. The patient Adrian Gonzales is in many ways the total opposite of the impatient Yasiel Puig. The same goes for Juan Uribe who checks in at 235 lbs. and Dee Gordon and his 5′ 11” 170 frame. Despite their differences, everyone in a healthy Dodgers lineup has one things in common: they all have potential to be elite. Once they all start to hit, the Dodgers can turn into a fast moving machine that will be hard to stop.

1.The Cincinnati Reds. The Rockies vest uniforms, worn only during select road games, feature a purple and black palette. Sports teams that wear purple and black never become storied franchises. The Reds, a storied franchise, wear their red and white vest uniforms like pros. Red and white simply make for a better uniform.


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