The Morning and Garlic

_MG_9767Mornings are rarely windy. Sometimes, even if the day is stormy, the morning will still be windless. Everything is quite like the world is waking up. None of this changes that mornings are still when I wake up. Waking up is not always something I enjoy. Started off slow, however, and a morning becomes enjoyable.

Eggs and coffee are a good way to start the morning. There is usually a debate about whether or not I am going to put garlic in my eggs. A bit of garlic that has been sautéed in butter is a great addition to eggs, scrambled or omelet. But this also means garlic breath for the rest of the day. And brushing your teeth does nothing.

Garlic does not smell bad. It smells unique. Cooking with garlic for extensive periods will make me smell like garlic for days. Soap and water are no match for garlic. I have heard people say that rubbing toothpaste on your hands gets rid of the smell of garlic. I tried once, and my hands still smelled like garlic.  I prefer to enjoy the taste of garlic and ignore the smell. It is better smelling than most Axe body sprays. I usually include garlic in my eggs, however, because there are far bigger things to worry about in the morning.

A far more important thing to worry about in the morning is having your coffee, eggs, and bacon be hot at the same time. When I cook by myself, timing must be impeccable. Prep work is done first. This includes chopping the garlic and other vegetables. Then the bacon is cooked. While the bacon is cooking, coffee is made and toast is toasted. Eggs always come last.

Once breakfast has been brought to the table, a course of action has to be decided upon. Will you make a sandwich with the eggs, bacon, and toast, or will each be enjoyed separately?  If the eggs are scrambled, I choose a sandwich. If the eggs are extra runny or an omelet, I will eat them separately. An omelet should be enjoyed by itself. In the case of runny eggs, bread is the perfect tool for soaking up yolk.

After finishing my eggs toast, I will drink my coffee alongside eating the bacon. Coffee and bacon pair up well. Another important decision must be made here: entertainment. I never like reading a book with breakfast. I save that for lunch. The morning is the time to learn what is happening on earth. Reading a newspaper is always a good choice, but sometimes it is a drag eating with newsprint all over your fingers. The radio is a good choice if Morning Edition is on. It is like someone is reading the paper to you.

The best type of days are the days when preparing breakfast is the most stressful thing I have to do. Hopefully the long process involved will help me decide what I will do with the rest of the day. But even on days where I have responsibilities, breakfast gives me time to relax before the day begins.


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