Coffee and Tea

IMG_4496McNalley’s is my favorite market in Grinnell. This is mostly because of the lack of competitors in the town. There is a Walmart, but it is outside the area in which a person would be willing to walk.

I was at McNalley’s buying poultry and peanut butter. While looking for a cheese grater, I stopped at the spice rack. It was brand new and was stocked well. In some large glass jars  were various teas. This included a raspberry infused green tea that smelled like bubble gum. I ended up buying gunpowder green tea. It smelled earthy, but is a good way.

The leaves of the tea actually look like gunpowder. They also look like dirt. Sitting in my brown mug, the tea looks like dirty rain water. It smells nice though. When seeping, the little gunpowder like pellets of green tea unravel, and become full green tea leaves. It now looks like a cup full of leafy greens.

Even though the seeping process was entertaining, gunpowder green tea tastes like any other green tea. This is because I am poor at differentiating types green tea. I can recognize different green teas, I just can’t explain why they taste different.

This is why I like coffee over green tea. Each type of bean is different. But more importantly, coffee pairs up with the things I like to eat better. Green tea is too weak alongside a hot, runny over-easy egg sandwich. The key to eating a sandwich like this is to finish the yolk before it gets cool. Therefore it is best to eat the whole thing in 30 seconds or less. A large pool of yolk will inevitably end up on your plate. An extra piece of toast would be useful to soak the yolk up.

After these eggs have been consumed, a cup of coffee is perfect for balancing out the palette. The coffee is strong enough to wash up the strong yolk from your mouth. Green tea is not strong enough to do this, plus does not pair well with egg.

Another of my favorite combos is coffee and a PB&J. Even if the bread is 12 grain instead of white. Even if the jelly is Welches’ grape instead of Smuckers raspberry. Coffee and peanut butter are very parable, and a little bit of jelly never hurts.


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