Fabricated Smells

My mouth feels minty right now because I just brushed my teeth. Now that I think about it, my mouth feels minty quite often. I brush my teeth with mint toothpaste, I’m constantly chewing mint gum, and I when stressed, I can consume an entire package of Tic Tacs in 12 hours. Lately I’ve been asking — to no apparent subject — why mint? When did mint become associated with clean/fresh breath? I’m sure there’s plenty of scholarly papers discussing this, but I haven’t researched this question. It’s not just mint. Quote unquote constructed sensations as I’ll call them are everywhere. My favorite example is Febreeze. Febreeze works by essentially killing smell particles, and when it first hit the shelves, it was unscented. Sales were bad, so it was taken off the shelves and back into the lab. Finally, marketers for Febreeze realized that if they added scent to it people would buy it. When you clean, it’s not the absence of smell that makes a room feel quote unquote clean, but fabricated smells that have come to be associated with being clean. Anyways, I find this topic fascinating, and if you have any fabricated sensations, let me know. I’m not sure what I’ll do with them, but maybe I’ll get closer to figuring out why I am so interested in this ridiculous matter.


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