Breakfast: (Un-proofread) Ramblings

_MG_3201It is 0:43, and I am thinking about breakfast. That’s the beauty of it. Because it essentially happens before the day’s responsibilities occur, breakfast – unlike lunch or dinner – is fairly predictable. The past few months have been fairly hectic for me, meaning I am not able to enjoy breakfast everyday. Not only does this cause my stomach to make funny noises, but make me groggy. Even after 7 hours of sleep, an alarm clock puts me into a bad mood. My body likes to wake up when it feels like doing so, and an alarm clock prevents this. Unfortunately, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and to an extent Fridays, my schedule prevents my body to naturally wake up. Breakfast acts as a buffer, allowing my body to slowly wake up as I stuff bacon and raisin bran into my mouth. I may have used “buffer” incorrectly, but my point is that it’s not coffee per say that gets me going in the morning, but the act of eating breakfast.

I’m still trying to figure out where I’m going with this, so time to think out loud. Breakfast gets me going, but because of my 8am political science class, I have been unable to enjoy it. Breakfast that is. I think the rational solution then would be to get rid of 8am classes. Bear with me for a second. Once when the entire class was asleep, my political science told us that if we can’t deal with 8am classes, we shouldn’t sign up for them. Only many classes are only offered at 8am, so her argument falls short. If classes started no earlier than 9, students would have the option to either eat breakfast or get an extra hour of sleep. Whatever they choose, the result would be the same, more attentive students. This could also translate into the working would. Most people would be fine with working an hour later if it meant starting an hour later. This would, theoretically, lead to greater profits. I’m sure there’s data to either back up or disprove that claim.

Now that I’ve gotten really off track, let me return to where I started. I can’t predict how tomorrow’s events will unfold, but I am confident I will wake up, make coffee, eat eggs, toast, and maybe bacon. Until this happens, my day won’t officially begin.


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