Lunch at Sun of a Gun

Lobster Roll

When I think of seafood restaurants in LA, Gladstones and The Charthouse come to mind [1]. Before eating at Son of a Gun Restaurant yesterday, I had never enjoyed decent seafood from a restaurant, partly because of spending my summers on Kauai, and partly because going out for seafood is impractical. Anyways, I had seafood from a restaurant yesterday, and it was amazing.

Smoked mahi fish dip, celery, radish, crackers Think tuna salad, but with mahi mahi, and a million times better. This was served with saltine crackers and Tabasco, but was best on its own. The radish provided a subtle kick to the dip/salad less overpowering than the Tabasco. Even though it was labeled as a dip, and was apparently meant to be spread on top of crackers, eating it with a fork allowed the quality of the fish emerge.

Lobster roll, celery, lemon aioli This summer I had a lobster roll from the Lobsta Truck, and was unimpressed [2]. This lobster roll, however, was better for two reasons. The roll/bread was of better quality, and there was a generous amount of lobster on the roll. The lemon aioli gave the roll a subtle citrusy taste to the roll, complimenting the lobster nicely.

Shrimp toast sandwich, herbs, sriracha mayo “Sriracha goodness” is the best way to describe this. The shrimp was great, the herbs were great, but it was really the sriracha mayo the stood out here. Mayo is usually not something I notice, but this was half sweet, half spicy, and fully delicious. Unlike the rest of the dishes I ordered, I gobbled the shrimp toast up within 30 seconds not being able to contain myself.

Mussels, tarragon, pernod, fennel, toast This is what I look for in every chowder. The pernod broth was tasty along with the fennel and tarragon, but the mussels really spoke for themselves. Whether eaten on toast or with a fork, they had a delicate “fishy” quality to them that is normally hidden by sauces. My only issue was self induced, as I let them sit too long before consuming.

The presentation wasn’t over the top, but Sun of a Gun’s effort was apparent. Personally, this made me optimistic going into each dish, and whether this swayed my opinion of the meal is irrelevant, as I throughly enjoyed my meal. The food was very rich, justifying the size of the portions, and I left feeling satisfied. There also wasn’t a disgusting fishy smell to the restaurant, something that plagues many seafood places.
1. Both the epitome of overpriced, disgusting restaurants.
2. $12 for a greasy, bland roll with a smidgen of lobster in it.


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