People seem to be hating on the iPhone lately. “They really did it this time with the maps”, “It looks the same”, “It’s too light”. When the iPhone first game out in the summer of 2007, it was the emphatic king of smartphones. To own a iPhone was the single coolest thing you could do. It had a flair and a spark Blackberrys didn’t possess. Then, on October 17th, 2009 the Motorola Droid was released and suddenly the iPhone monopoly was in jeopardy. Soon Samsung and HTC came out with Android running, “iPhone alternatives”, of their own. The Galaxy, the Evo, the Sensation. They were more powerful and fast than the poor iPhone, and their advocates claimed it was the end of the “iPhone era”. Having a conversation with one of these users sounded something like this: 

Android Mike: Wow man, I can’t believe you’re still using that outdated iPoop.

iPhone Tim: I like my iPhone. 

Android Mike: But my phone has a Qualcomm QSD8650 chipset which contains a Snapdragon Scorpion microprocessor which is 1GHz.

iPhone Tim: I don’t really care. 

Android Mike: You’re just ignorant. My Adreno 200 graphics chip has been clocked at 22 million triangles per second. 

iPhone Tim: I still don’t care. 

This “I don’t care” attitude was taken to be the way iPhone users justified a supposedly overpriced aesthetically motivated purchase, and this is partially correct. I say partially because there’s nothing wrong with buying a product based on aesthetics. 

I don’t play high tech games on my phone. I don’t use my phone in place of a actual camera. I don’t seek a 5.5 square inch screen on my phone. If I did want any of these things, I’d buy an Android phone. But I love how my phone looks. I love the simplicity. I love how easy it is to use. Different nations have different cultures. The same goes for phones. You get used to an operating system, and other systems seem foreign. Android users view their phones as a purely physical machine. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I also view my iPhone as a machine, but I also believe there is more to it. 


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