The Slumber Battle

The Master

During Japanese class today, I spotted somebody falling asleep, and decided to document this process unfold. If read in an David Attenborough voice, one may actually be transported to the classroom where this riveting event took place.   

The Fight. This is very painful process to watch. Our subject knows he should be paying attention, but the prospect of sleep is awfully tantalizing. There’s usually an intense internal monologue present during this stage. “Keep my eyes open. Come on, you can do it. Falling asleep now would just be embarrassing.” Usually, sleep will be combated, but only for a moment. The subject looks remarkably disinterested and sleep is inevitable, which brings us to the next phase. 

The Slumber. The eyes roll back, the heads nods and hits the table with a resounding “thump”. Our subject has fallen asleep. From an observers perspective, this is a peaceful moment, as our subject obviously seems to being enjoying his siesta a great deal. When he was awake and miserable, he had a look of contempt on his face. Now there’s a childish grin on his face, and one cannot help but smile along with him. This phase lasts until he is awoken, and the next juncture begins. 

The Fight: Part II. Unlike his initial fight, out subject has just experienced the joy of taking a nap, and understands that he must focus on staying awake. Yet the prospect of sleep is still prevalent, and the battle to combat it is going to be hellish. First he must mentally prepare, which means elbow on table, hand on forehead, and zero participation in the class. After all, staying conscious is a gargantuan task. The legs start moving in an effort to stay active and gradually the doodling begins to keep the mind stimulated. What clever warrior he have here. Our subject repeatedly looks at the clock throughout this process, and is doing everything in his power to look busy. Suddenly, out of nowhere, his head hits the table. It seems as the battle is lost as sleep prevails. The final chapter, however, yields a surprising twist fate. 

The Conclusion. Just when you thought our subject had lost the battle, he snaps out of the slumber, and asks the teacher an intelligent question. Completely out of the blue. As an observer, you never saw this one coming. After the question has been answered, our subject the subject looks genuinely happy. With a titanic grin on his face, one can tell his day is finished. The impossible has been done, and for all he cares, he’s obliged to do nothing else. What a champion. 


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