Ever since I was given a coffee roaster, I’ve been content making my coffee at home. This afternoon I was by my favorite coffee shop, The Refinery, and stopped in for a pour over. The Refinery consistently delivers quality coffee without the scene found at Intelligensia. Their menu is constantly changing, and I love going in to see try their new beans. 

I had an El Salvadorian roast El Naranjo, roasted by Ritual Coffee. As the temperature of coffee changes, so does the taste. Because of this, I like to categorize my drinking experience into three categories: hot, medium, room-temperature. I find that the best taste is found at room-temperature when the tastebuds become accustomed to the coffee, and the subtle flavors begin to stand out. With this in mind, here is my breakdown of the El Naranjo. 

Hot: The first sip of any cup of coffee is usually too hot to produce any taste. This is why I like waiting about a minute before drinking it. The El Naranjo, when hot, yielded woody and slightly tangy taste. Like most coffee, I found the taste was stiff in the beginning, as the true flavors need time to emerge. 

Medium: The middle temperature range was exceptional in the El Naranjo. Fruity with hints of citrus and cherry, it managed to balance these tastes without completely confusing my palate. This was easily the best part of the cup. 

End: The taste definitely became weaker towards the end, but it also became very smooth. The citrus and cherry tastes seemed to declined while the fruitiness remained. I was a bit disappointed by the end, considering it’s usually the highlight of the cup, but the middle stage made up for it. 

Overall, I would have this roast again, but I don’t think I’ll remember it years from now. 


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