Back in 5th grade (circa 2004) having a camera-phone basically meant you were the coolest kid in school. In 6th grade, a girl got a Sidekick. It could email, text, go online…the possibilities were endless. In the summer before 8th grade, the iPhone came out, and suddenly my perception of what could be achieved from a technological stand-point was forever changed. Suddenly, it felt like a new, fancy device was coming out on a monthly basis. The MacBook Air, smartphones, and iPads, each release sleeker, smarter, and more streamlined. So here I am, typing this on my MacBook Pro, with an iPhone in my pocket and an iPad on the shelf next to me, wondering has this innovation really been for the better? 

I’ve always wondered how a computer can malfunction. The user types or clicks something, and the computer responds. Simple as that. So how could something a object that is essentially a box with some wires and a screen suddenly start spewing out “unknown errors”? Because I’m only a writer, I don’t have answer, but I can tell you how these errors make me feel. The errors and malfunctions add a element of complexity to a computer, a sense of of unknown. Instead of just being a screen, it’s a imperfect device that has personality. There are just some days where my computer wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. This is whats great about books, they never fail. This being said, I don’t think computer glitches are a bad thing, rather, I fear they are something that will disappear in the near future. Take an iPad for example. It’s elegant, speedy, and has a touch screen. A touch screen! It never crashes (unless dropped) and it makes the simple act of reading a book (sorry: eBook) awe-inspiring. Despite it’s diverse prowess, it lacks something that used to be found in computers: personality. The lack of glitches means that you’ll rarely ever have to pull hair out trying to fix it, but it also means you won’t experience the satisfaction of successfully repairing it. The touch screen means no more nifty keyboard commands. Command+C, Command+P, Command+Q, heck, even, Command+Shift+3. So I hope that in the future, out devices will occasionally have a bungle. As HAL 9000 said “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” 


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