Recently I made mozzarella, something that is actually a whole lot easier than it sounds. I won’t go into details on how I made it, as there are many sites online that offer a much more comprehensible explanation than me. So lets get right to the point. I made three batches. The first one was decent, the second was amazing, and the third was terrible. This photo was taken from the second. The issue with the first and third was the texture. The perfect mozzarella should be in that zone somewhere between stretchy and firm, and my failure batches were neither; dry and crumbly, they seemed more like a ricotta than a mozzarella. For cooking purposes (e.g. pizza), they were all the same, as the taste of the cheese can easily be manipulated by simply adding more water or salt. Overall, for the price of the curd, it was more economically efficient than buying from a store, but until I perfect texture, I’ll still prefer buying from a Italian exporter.


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