San Pellegrino is amazing. First of all, it’s definitely the best bubbly water; the bubbles are the perfect size, which is an issue that plagues bubbly water brands. I grew up on San Pellegrino, but a couple of years ago, I decided to branch out, and try some other brands, and this is where I found out that San Pellegrino was the best. For a while I liked Mountain Valley Springs Sparkling Water, but it just wasn’t bubbly enough; the bubbles were too large. I went through a brief period of Calistoga, but the bubbles were too small and intense. Now of course there’s Perrier, which I like, but not as much as San Pellegrino. This is more because of the images the respective companies have. Perrier presents itself as being hip, and cool, and as a result, comes off as pretentious. San Pellegrino on the other hand, does very little advertising, and relies on it’s superior taste to attract costumers. I do have to say that Perrier’s lemon and lime flavored sparkling water are quite respectable, but once flavor is added, we are talking about soda not sparkling water. 


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