I couple of weeks ago, I did a post on the brisket sandwich from GTA. I felt it only proper to get the brisket sandwich from Huckleberry (GTA’s rival), and compare these two sandwiches. This is exactly what I did the other day, and here’s my consensus. Despite both being labeled as a “brisket sandwich”, these are two very different sandwiches. GTA took the more creative route; adding shredded carrots and a sauce (who’s name I’ll tell you when I find out). Huckleberry on the other hand, went for a more purest oriented sandwich: meat and bread. Despite being a purest in respect to food, I’m going to have to go with GTA’s, and here’s why. While Huckleberry’s might have looked impressive, and tasted quite respectable, it was quite overwhelming. There was a monstrous amount of meat on the sandwich, and while this may seem appealing at first, after you finish the sandwich, you’ll understand why I had qualms about it. Furthermore, unless the meat is cooked to perfection, anytime you have that much meat on sandwich, it’s going to be a bit dry. But this is not entirely why GTA won, they had a bunch of good thing going for them. Yes, they did branch away from the traditional path, but they did in such a way that it served to their advantage. By cutting back on the meat, and adding the small amount of condiments, they were able to liven up the sandwich, making it more than just bread and a pile of meat.  


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