My feelings about breakfast are very juxtaposed; should it be a insignificant, rushed meal, or one of pleasure and pertinence? For the most part, I tend to side with the former; waking up, making some toast, and getting on with my day, not allowing breakfast to have much involvement in my morning mindset. But there are other times where I become quite fervent and conscientious about breakfast, and this diligence translates into numerous medians that often revolve around eggs. Up until a couple of months ago, my fundamental “significant” breakfast was a fried egg sandwich with Canadian bacon, but after years of this, I felt the need to expand, and as a result, I became interested in sunny side up eggs. This brings us to this breakfast: sunny side up eggs with Canadian bacon, but not just any sunny side up, these ones are special (don’t worry, I’ll explain why). Here’s the process.

First you must cook (in a cast iron pan) your meat (if you’re one of the yogi vegetarians, then you shouldn’t be cooking poached eggs). By cooking the meat first, you will be left with all the good fat and grease. Once the meat is cooked, place it on your plate, and cover. Next grab your egg(s) and crack into the pan, immediately putting it on low heat. Cover and let sit. After a minute or so, uncover and baste some of the grease that will have formed, on to the top of the eggs. Cover. Once the eggs are cooked to your liking (almost “fluffy” whites, and wet, yet somewhat firm yolks), remove from pan and on to your plate. Eat immediately. 


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